Our aim is to come up with the most innovative and inspiring ideas and solutions and to create a benchmark in the local and international markets.


Soorty will be at the forefront of the creation of denim fabrics and jeans, with a special emphasis on quality, cost and delivery of our products. We will do this through research, innovation and a sharp focus on our customers’ expectations, while ensuring a sustainable impact on our Earth and her people.


Every thread, every weave and every stitch marks a milestone for us!

Soorty began shop in the 1980s, shipping its first export order in 1983. Our first decade was of slow and steady growth. During this period we cultivated distinction in assembly line production and created the right systems for apparel manufacturing. It was under the vision of Soorty’s Managing Director, Mr. Shahid Soorty, that Soorty began focusing on denim. In the mid 90’s, after extensive travel and research, Mr. Soorty put up one of Pakistan’s most complex laundries for denim wet processing, providing Soorty with a sustainable competitive advantage in this field. In fact, we were the first company to bring Tonello washers to Pakistan, leading the way for the rest of the industry.
From then on, the growth has just compounded. In 2007, we integrated backwards and established Soorty Denim. The culture at Soorty, from the top to the bottom, is all about denim ever since the mill was put up. We have developed a strong passion for denim, and want to inculcate this passion for denim in our end consumers. Our dream is to inspire everyone to love their denim, and for denim to be completely sustainable.
Our mission statement is that Soorty will be at forefront of creation of denim fabrics and jeans with a special emphasis on quality, cost and delivery of our products. We will do this through research, innovation and sharp focus on our customer’s expectations, while ensuring a sustainable impact on our People and our Earth.



Our certified factory in Bangladesh is an environmentally friendly location that we work to improve every year. As a certified Leed factory, we owe it to our customers, clients, and the environment to reduce energy and water usage.

Energy Saving

Water Saving

Use of LED Lights

Recycle & Reuse

Rated by USGBC


In 2014, Soorty Enterprises opened a Research, Development and Design office in Amsterdam; the heart of the European denim scene. Here our customers can view our latest collections, find inspirational pieces from our design teams, and discuss their denim needs with our Dutch designers and developers.


In 2016, to further strengthen our product, we have initiated a product development center in Turkey which will prove to be a driving force in transferring expertise and knowledge.


  • Soorty Lecture Hall in Habib University, Pakistan’s first liberal arts college.
    400+ graduating students per year
  • Subsidized Labor Canteens (at 40% of cost)
    30,000+ daily meals for all workers
  • Soorty Ward (ICU and Dermatology) at JPMC, Pakistan’s largest public hospital.
    68 beds, 15,000+ patients admitted annually
  • SINA-Child Life Foundation – Musa Soorty Centre.
    40,000+ patients treated annually (mainly kids)
  • The Citizen’s Foundation – Soorty Campus I and II.
    167 students enrolled
  • Soorty Camp in Pakistan Flood 2011, 2012.
    3000+ People provided shelter & food