Every thread, every weave and every stitch marks a milestone for us!

With an experience of more than 3 decades, Soorty is committed to create a unique fashion environment that gives the company and its clientele an edge, the company has a strong history of delivering unprecedented quality and service. In 1970’s, the company started its operation under the flagship of Zahid corporation. It began as a small spark in bubbling concoction of industrialization. Three decades of hard work, sweat and devotion, today Soorty is among the denim leaders. It creates authenticity & innovation combined with unparalleled industrial knowledge.

The passion, pride and evolution that Soorty strives for have allowed the company to establish an advance, state of the art facilities of Spinning, Denim Weaving, Garment making and laundering of garments that match the superseding product that Soorty envisions.

At Soorty, quality and ethics during production are not just considered simply as words, for us these are a must.

With a strong hold on the local and international market knowledge, the Company is all geared up to create a wardrobe for the new millennium, encompassing the trends of the fashion world and the needs of the individuals.